Sunday, December 31, 2006

Confessions of a Check Card Addict

New Year's Eve.

Who was it that called it Amateur's Night?

The 'chick has no grand plans for the evening and to be honest, it's a relief. Last year, the 'chick went out with a group of friends, to a bar, and it was fun but it wasn't fun. It will not be repeated this year.

This year, Roadchick and Rockboy are going to pick up chicken from KFC and go to Redneck's house to eat and watch movies and possibly play cards with Redneck and Skaterboy. The 'chick fully intends to be home long before the DUIs are on the road.

Redneck, bless his heart, had to work today and considering that he and the 'chick stayed up late watching a movie and got next to no sleep, he's going to be tired. 2 hours of sleep and a 10 hour shift will do that to you. The 'chick suspects that he'll be sound asleep by the time midnight rolls around.

The 'chick has been thinking about resolutions. She's never much on making them because she knows how lazy she is and knows that it's destined to end in failure, so, for the most part, she does not indulge.


There is one thing that the 'chick IS going to do this year and she's actually already started. She is going to get her finances in order. It's not that she's in debt or anything like because she's not. Other than a car payment, she does not owe beyond the regular bills every month.

What happened is this: her check card makes it too easy to spend, spend, spend and not keep careful track of how much money is actually left. There have been days toward the end of a pay period where the 'chick holds her breath, wondering if there is enough to get through until her next check hits the bank.

This is stupid, y'all. And laziness on her part. And shameful.

Yes. You've got it:

The 'chick is too lazy to write down her receipts and subtract them.

And she is vain enough to think that the vague, "running total" she has in her head is even remotely close to correct.

But, no more.

She's trying to operate on more of a cash basis because it's easier to subtract a big, round number and then pay as she goes. Much less subtraction too. So far, so good.

The 'chick hopes that you have a lovely New Year's, no matter what you choose to do. Be safe, have fun, and see you next year!


briliantdonkey said...

I do the same thing, though I call the automated thingy at the bank for a balance all the time. It doesn't come back to bite me very often but once in a while it does.


mist1 said...

I've been thinking about my finances lately too. Then, I buy a pair of shoes and all is right again.

Michael Thomas said...

Thank heavens for spreadsheets. I put my weekly money in the spreadsheet, then plug the receipts in 2 or 3 times a week. I'm pretty much a fixed spender, though, so it's a little easier.

fringes said...

I spend and spend and don't check my balance. It's stupid. I've been bitten, you'd think I'd learn. Argh.