Thursday, January 04, 2007


It's Michael's fault. It all started with the guest blogger thing.

Now, all of a sudden, it's a blog-orgy. Well, never let it be said that the 'chick didn't do what everyone else was doing. Why yes, she WILL jump off that cliff with the rest of y'all!

Everyone loving up on everyone else.

Donkey wrote an entire post including all of his blog crushes. Somehow, the 'chick was paired with someone named Uncle Junior, but hey, actually, that probably really would happen.

Then, the 'chick and Fringes and Susan started an entire smooch-fest over in the corner by the liquor cabinet. Sylvia's mother even showed up. But hey, Love Will Keep Us Together. You've Got a Friend.

Meanwhile, Mist is writing her manifesto and shopping for shoes and drops in for drinks from time to time. She makes all of us feel like we're on the Diva Radar, if only for a moment.

Lest it be said that the 'chick is a cold bitch, let her say here and now:

Roadchick hearts y'all. Every one of you.

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  • Miss Doxie

  • Crazy Aunt Purl

  • Yarn Harlot

  • Dooce

  • Comics Curmudgeon

  • BlogLaughs

  • Autrice Deldrago

  • Pacian

  • Kim G.

  • Tinker

  • The 'chick is not worthy.


    Susan said...

    You are my hero. Or me 3 years in the future. Maybe I'll be my own hero. Whoa that's food for thought.

    fringes said...

    The lovefest has found its way here! Why do I suddenly have the munchies?

    Bice said...

    I've seen you in other peoples comments so I decided to follow your scent back to here. Looks like I got here just in time. I love it when chicks start loving on each other in public like this. Especially when they label it "Sticky".

    Now pretend I'm not here and go back to being naughty.

    mist1 said...

    I just dropped in for a cocktail. I am parched from shopping. Look at these boots. Do you love them? They were on sale.

    Michael Thomas said...

    Don't worry Bice - I had the video going before you got here.

    Roadchick said...

    Susan~ did you ever notice that the word 'heroin' is in heroine?

    Fringes~ it's like one of those weird progressive parties that people went to in the 50s. Apparently, this is the 'sex house'. Snacks in the fridge.

    Bice~ Welcome. Spectator tickets are cheaper than participant, but YOU decide.

    Mist~ Your thigh-high stilettos will bring all the boys to the 'chick's yard.

    Michael~ Remember - we're splitting the profits.

    Bice said...

    If I only use one eye are the spectator tickets half price? How 'bout I just close my eyes and sniff?

    briliantdonkey said...

    There DOES seem to be a blog crush O rama going around lately now that you mention it.


    Michael Thomas said...

    It's that Love Everyone Feel Good thing that happens just after New Years every year. Give it a week, we'll all be back to the backstabbing and at each other's throats. LMAO Plus, the limited time will drive up the price of the new video sales.

    $ $ $ $ $

    Kim G. said...

    I don't think I've got anything as clever as the comments that have been left already . . .

    Just, thanks!

    Pacian said...

    What iniquity!

    tinker said...

    Ah! I got link love and I'm so behind in my reading I didn't even know it...
    xo back at ya!