Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rockboy: Living Dangerously

Y'all, Auntie Roadchick had a story for you but it's going to have to wait.

Why, you ask?

Because, in the span of a two minute phone call from Rockboy, the 'chick went from ready to tell a story to highly pissed off and not ready to tell any stories, except this one.

And, it's not really a story. It's a rant. The 'chick is venting and y'all get to watch.

Why, oh why, on the ONE day that the 'chick could count on coming home after work and staying home and maybe having a wild girlish fling at getting the laundry done, does Rockboy (who should've been home after school) get a ride from a friend to the mall? Now, going to the mall is not necessarily a killing offense but making a tired, cranky, stressed-out mama get BACK into the car and drive 15 miles to the mall to get a teenager's tail home again just might get you killed. He obviously did not think before acting. He did not consult with the tired, cranky, stressed-out mama before embarking on this course of action. He is obviously out of his rabbit-ass mind.

And NCIS is on tonight.

Roadchick loves NCIS.

The chaufferring expedition is going to interefere with uninterrupted NCIS viewing. Someone is NOT going to like the ride home much.

And you can take that to the bank.


Kim G. said...

Isn't that what public transportation is for? Can he catch a bus? Or make him take a cab? I know, not always the safe or practical option. God help the boy when he gets in your car . . .

Killer said...

I am not anywhere near the car, and I am scared.

briliantdonkey said...

Run rockboy runnnnn!!!!!!

Michael Thomas said...

>>Taking baseball bat from the 'chick<<

Just box his ears.

Word verification - mbygas - I think I'll leave that one alone.

Ariel said...

It ranks up there with people sending repeated "911" messages to my phone after 11 when Fletch and I are in bed. 911 means it's an emergency--thus I need to call them back. It always turns out to be "we're outta beer!!!"

Breathe, mama, breathe.

Roadchick said...

Kim~ If only that were an option . . .

Killer~ There were a lot of frightened people last night.

Donkey~ No fair warning him ahead of time.

Michael~ The 'chick needs a bigger box for the rest of his body.

Susan~ That phone call better not ever come from Rockboy.

fringes said...

This is what I have to look forward to? Please do not get me off the couch for any reason. Blood included.

heather said...

i am assuming rockboy's chore list has doubled for the week which should allow you more time for crime show viewing.