Friday, February 02, 2007

Waiting Game

How do y'all wait? How do you wait for things to happen, to wait to find out if something is going to happen?

How do you manage the anticipation or dread?

The 'chick has a situation going on in her real-world life that is involving a gawd-awful amount of waiting. If y'all have been hanging around the Roadtrip for any length of time, you know that the 'chick does not: 1) suffer fools gladly -OR- 2) wait patiently.

Sometimes, it seems like the not-knowing in the worst part. If you can finally get some real facts, dates, information then you can get down to the business of wrapping your head around it and accepting the reality. You know how good (or bad) it's going to be.

Yes, Patient Reader, all of this is very mysterious, Roadchick knows.

But here's your chance to offer advice and opinions to the 'chick:

How do YOU wait?


Michael Thomas said...

Going psychodelic over it won't make the final solution arrive any sooner.

Word Verify: jvdsdx

Venereal Disease and Sexually Transmitted Disease in one six letter word. I'll be keeping SOMETHING dry this weekend.

heather said...

waiting = impatience
impatience = nervous energy
nervous energy = clean house
waiting = anxiety
anxiety = severe hangover
depends on what i'm waiting for

only you would get venereal disease and sexually transmitted disease out of jvdsdx michael, i got junior varsity dipshits are denied exes

Rhea said...

Collect homeless people and drug addicts off the street help them get their lives back together. That usually takes one's mind off of things.

mist1 said...

The way that I wait depends on what I'm waiting for. I have the patience of a saint when I'm waiting in line. I usually have some kind of gadget to occupy me.

When I'm waiting to pick a fight, I brood.

Usually, I keep people waiting, that way I don't have to wait.

Chris said...

Here via Silly Donkey...I mean Brilliant Donkey.

Hmmm how do I wait? Not very well at all. I am horribly impatient and my wife has dedicated her life to pushing my limits:)

Happy Superbowl Weekend!
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Michael Thomas said...

Why do I get this gut shrinking walls closing in impression that Heather knows me personally from Otherland?

Susan said...

I am not a good waiting person. I try to find something else to think about when I really have to do so. My house normally ends up very clean when I'm playing the waiting game. I, however, become very stressed and quiet, which if you havent' caught onto--I'm not normally.

I was told by Fletch's cousin about a month ago that he was going to ask me a Question. A month, MONTH has rolled by and nothing. That wait has about got me to the point of beating his cousin to death. I think, quite often, not knowing is for the best.

Word verify: okbuy. Retail therapy, here I come.

heather said...

michael, why the closing in feeling? were you a junior varsity dipshit? ;-) don't worry there kiddo, my otherland resides in upstate ny, and has for the last 20 years or so.

Michael Thomas said...

Thank heavens. I was getting a crick in my nick from peering over my shoulder trying to find a tail. I figured my neurotic mom had hired a P.I. to rough me up since I hadn't called this week.

heather said...

close michael, not your mom but an ex, if you would like though for double my usual fee i will gladly swith to keeping tabs on your mom making sure no visit, phone call or package in the mail is unprepared for. lol
ps sorry for using your comments section to further add to michael's paranoia there chick but honestly, how can i resist?

fringes said...

I'm not a patient waiter, either. I want those people to hurry up and order, eat, then clear out in time for the next suckers. And I expect fat tips.