Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The 'chick came here today intending to do a little post about Valentine's Day and shopping and hearts and flowers.

Instead, when she got here, she found an eviction notice on the blog's door. SWITCH NOW! (Or, go to your dashboard. You can only do this ONCE.) Blogger is getting ready to make the 'chick move. She can feel it. But, that's what you get when you're living in the rent-controlled apartments of Blogger.

Now, here she is, scrambling around, trying to gather her valuables into a pile by the door in case the "flawless" switch is maybe not so flawless. And the landlord is standing there, tapping his foot, eyeing stuff and wondering how much it will bring on eBay.

The 'chick is notoriously suspicious of "new and improved" technology. See, the thing is - with the "old and crappy" technology, the bugs have been worked out for the most part. The exterminator has been making regular visits. With the new - not so much. There are colonies of pests yet to be discovered - after they've eaten the equivalent of a cashmere sweater.

Why, yes. The 'chick is comparing the quality of her writing to a cashmere sweater. Thank you for noticing.

But, Roadchick will join the 21st century kicking and screaming and possibly ranting about parachute pants and break dancing.

In related issues (and always at least 3 days late and several dollars short) - did y'all see Prince do the half-time show at the Super Bowl??? The man can wail on that guitar. Rockboy is even in awe of his mad skillz and that takes some doing since Rockboy is a self-taught classical guitarist.

The 'chick has to say, though, that 'Prince' and 'Super Bowl Half-time Show' were two things that she never figured to say together.

Have y'all noticed that since the Janet Jackson wardrobe "malfunction" the NFL has had men headlining the half-time show? The 'chick has noticed. She doesn't know what all the fuss about Janet's boob was about though - get Anna Nicole Smith up there and let her have a wardrobe malfunction and then you've got some news.

Now, who wants to help pack?


Susan said...

I'll bring beer and pizza. It's required for moving.

Aaron said...

I haven't noticed that the halftime performers have been male, but I have noticed they're targeted to entertain an older audience.

With many of todays performers doing anything for a bit of media attention, it seems like they've started going back and getting artists that will just be happy to still be remembered.

Killer said...

Did anyone else notice the very bizarre imagery of Prince behind the curtain with the phallic guitar? Maybe I am just too dirty minded.

I don't want to help move, but I wouldn't mind coming over and picking up any leftover furniture or booze you are leaving behind.

Michael Thomas said...

Blame our society. We've been conditioned that guys nipples are ok but its not ok for Women to show them. What the hell is all that about. You'd think that a society that was essentially run by men (not now, but not really too long ago in the big picture) would find a way to make those suckers legal, if only for the eye candy. Uh oh, am I talking about sex again. Sheesh. I've had a bunch of women spouting whips and chains in rhyme and verse all day today.

mist1 said...

I adore cashmere.

heather said...

michael, the reason ours are kept hidden is that we females retain the ability to form cohesive thoughts when faced with a naked male chest, can you say the same regarding the female form? ( no, cohesive thoughts about sexual positions do not count.)
chick, i will gladly help move susan has the beer and pizza covered so i'll bring bubble wrap and tape. bd's helping like it or not, a pack animal may come in handy, if mist decides to help ask her to bring some flogs,we'll use the to beat back the landlord.
btw, cashmere rocks :-)

briliantdonkey said...

I feel exZACHARY the same when it comes to new technology. Hold out, play hard to get, and wait till they work the bugs out. Are you referring to moving to the new blogger? Are they making that mandatory now? I already did it a while back, while drinking errrrr I mean by accident, and it was fairly painless. Then again, I am not smart enough to know when something actually IS wrong so maybe that was it. Anywhooooo apparently Heather has volunteered me to help so count me in,,,,yeah right.


Michael Thomas said...

I guess I'll bring the manual labor, since the guilt trip has been laid on for not volunteering. *g*

Pacian said...

She doesn't know what all the fuss about Janet's boob was about though

Don't you know that the female breast has no biological function except to entrap innocent men into marriage?


heather said...

i knew you boys would do the right thing :-) btw killer, ~all~ of the furniture is left over, just throw it in that u-haul at the end of the driveway, the leftover booze is stashed at the chicks new place, we'll meet you there.
word verification: edzjal , ed's jail

Roadchick said...

Susan~ Of course it's entirely possible that we'll all sit around drinking beer and eating pizza and no moving will get done. Let the landlord do it!

Aaron~ The 'chick suspects that any publicity is good publicity. Next year's Super Bowl performance will be by K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Boogie on!

Killer~ OMG! YES!! The 'chick cannot believe that she forgot to mention it. It was....impressive. Little Red Corvette, indeed. That was a stretch Lincoln, at least.

Michael~ And that's a problem because???
Oh, and thanks for volunteering - you can be in charge of the contents of the "secret" closet.

Mist~ Definitely fondle-worthy.

Heather~ What would the 'chick do without you to organize the troops! And thanks for volunteering BD - he's so shy about jumping in sometimes. *g*

Donkey~ It's voluntarily mandatory.

Pacian~ The 'chick thought that was what bjs were for...

Ariel said...

It said you were moving! Did you bite the ol' bullet?

Roadchick said...

Killer~ BTW - help yourself to leftover furniture. The 'chick picked it up behind the Goodwill. There's no such thing as leftover booze.

Heather~ Ok, you're in charge now. There's beer around here somewhere.

Ariel~ There was a big ol' padlock on the old blogger...but the new place smells funny.

heather said...

chick, i'm an air force brat and a nomad at heart so moving is second nature to me. i'm also incredibly lazy so organizing the troops allows me to get things done while remaining true to myself. think positive hun, you now have the perfect excuse to redecorate!
sorry about the funny smell, just give me a second to light the sage and we'll cleanse out the lingering smell of po...past inhabitants and evil energy at the same time. ;-)
word verification: oddckc....way too easy lol