Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Temporarily Closed

Due to hideous, unrelenting illness. Those of you that follow along might also have noted that
Michael is also sick. It's his fault that the 'chick is sick. Somehow, he managed to pass a virus through the Innernets. Someone call Microsoft!

Back soon, y'all. Stay healthy!


Pacian said...

Get well soon!


fringes said...

So sorry. Hang in there.

Michael Thomas said...

I knew I should have used that saran wrap.

Kim G. said...

Feel better soon!

mist1 said...

Wine usually helps me.

Bice said...

Chick sick ick! Wishing you wellness.

Neil said...

Feel better.

briliantdonkey said...


memo to self:never piss chick off. Telling peeps someone is giving you diseases over the innernet......just when you think you have heard it all. Seriously, hope you are feeling better soon.


Susan said...

you guys...stop licking the computer screens. I've warned you.

heather said...

enjoy your sick time, 1/2 a bottle of doc and a good nights sleep should cure you. after another nights sleep to cure the cure you should be well on your way. don't hurry though, we'll wait. :-)

Roadchick said...

Pacian~ Thanks!

Fringes~ Does laying in a limp pile count?

Michael~ Who knew it came in latex?

Kim~ Hoping for the "soon" part.

Mist~ Whining usually helps the 'chick too.

Bice~ Nice! Rice! Mice! (It might be a fever. Ignore that.)

Neil~ Thanks - it's better than the alternative!

Donkey~ Haven't you heard of computer viruses?

Susan~ The nasty shock usually reminds the 'chick not to do that.

Heather~ As long as the cure doesn't kill the 'chick!

Seriously, thanks everyone, for leaving good wishes. They're much appreciated. Use the antibacterial gel on your way out.