Thursday, July 12, 2007


Image shamelessly stolen from Go there. Look around. Be amused. Buy something.

Anyway. The 'chick is in a mood. Where it came from, she does not know. It's almost like wicked PMS, but it's not that - the calendar says it's not.

Everything is annoying as hell. People are not falling into line with plans, needs, wants.

Now, in all honesty, everyone (with the exception of the 'chick) is acting the same way that they always do. There is no new behavior taking place. No change in attitudes, actions, anything at all.

But, damn it, these people are just getting on the 'chick's last nerve. And dancing.

The 'chick has a bad case of "Oh, poor baby" syndrome, where she is feeling much put upon and taken for granted.

Someone - anyone - please do something amusing to help break this mood.

Or else.


mist1 said...

I will amuse you. Right now, I am amusing myself. I'm selfish.

Killer said...

Since you mentioned PMS:

What do elephants use for tampons?

Why do elephants have trunks?
Sheep don't have strings.

Roadchick said...

Mist~ And yet, it's amusing.

Killer~ Actually, that made the 'chick laugh. And reminded the 'chick of a joke of her own:

Do you know what mothballs smell like? How did you get their little legs apart?

briliantdonkey said...

Not sure if he knows what mothballs smell like, but judging from his posts I am guessing he knows what HIS balls smell like. Pardon me while I chop off my fingers to ensure I never type such a thing again.


Susan said...

I think it's something in the air, chick. I've been on edge all week. Horribly glaring at people and silently wishing death on them...

..believe it or not this is not normal. I've found vodka helps me.

Pacian said...

What you need to do is to duct tape live lobsters to your hands. Then attempt to get the lobsters to perform everyday hand-actions, like picking up things, typing on a keyboard, or touching yourself intimately.

Wait, scratch that last one.

Here is an artist's impression.