Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Eat This

Oh. Mercy. Want something impressive for dinner that is really pretty easy to make? This is insanely good. It looks more difficult than it really is - if you can stir, you can cook this. The 'chick even managed to impress herself with this one.

1 bag frozen cheese ravioli prepared according to directions on package.


2 cups white sauce (directions follow)
8 oz. smoked gouda cheese (cut into small pieces to make it melt faster)
2 - 3 sun-dried tomatoes, chopped up
Fresh sliced mushrooms, if you like 'em (and we like 'em)
Chopped fresh tomato (for garnish)
Chopped green onion (for garnish)
Salt & pepper to taste

Yo' Mama's White Sauce:

Melt 1/4 cup butter (BUTTER, not margarine) in a saucepan. Whisk in 1/4 cup flour when the butter melts - cook over medium heat for a couple of minutes until it thickens. Add 2 cups of milk and stir well. Continue cooking over medium heat for a few more minutes until it thickens up again.

Add the cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Stir really well until the cheese melts. You may need to add more milk to thin out the sauce because it can be really thick. Add salt & pepper to taste. You can also toss in some fresh sliced mushrooms right at the end.

Pour the sauce over the ravioli and garnish with chopped fresh tomato and green onion. (You've gotta do the garnish. At least one part of it. Preferably both.)

Enjoy! (And serve something minty for dessert.)


heather said...

i've heard tell of this 'margarine' what is this abomination and sin against the culinary gods? is it anything like oleo? (yechh!)
is that your dish in the picture? i like the pattern :-) *although j won't be joining your fan club anytime soon if it turns out to be something i can get around here. he's all for tossing all the dishes and using paper plates for the rest of our lives.*

i've done something similar but without the cheese. that ~definately~ sounds like a great addition! good thing i planned on grocery shopping tomorrow anyway. :-)

btw, a recipie was ~not~ what i expected after seeing the title. lol! you tease! ;-)

Susan said...

I'm so hungry. :|