Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hug 'Em Tight

Sometimes it takes an almost literal smack over the head to make you appreciate what you have.

Crazy Aunt Purl lost one of her kitties and wrote an amazing tribute/memorial to her friend, Roy.

The 'chick is not one for bawling in public but reading that post caused the 'chick to unashamedly bawl at her desk at work.

Go home today and hug the ones that you hold dear.

Speedbump had her stuffins squeezed out of her and thinks the 'chick is slightly insane, but oddly - she tolerated it, almost as if she knew.

Rest in Peace, Roy, from Roadchick and Speedbump.


heather said...

bear and bella already think i'm nuts. i'm afraid tonight just clenched it for them.

Tinker said...

I've done loved the heck out of mine all weekend, after reading that post.