Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's a Dirty Job

(The picture shown is NOT Redneck OR the 'chick's car.)

Sunday night, Redneck informed the 'chick that he would be taking her car home with him because it was time to change the oil. (Redneck has been in charge of car maintenance for the 'chick since almost their first date.)

The 'chick didn't think too much about it and handed over the keys without a second thought.

Last night, she headed over to his house to hang out for awhile (and get her car back and return his.)

The best present? Better than a free oil change?

He washed, waxed, and detailed the entire car.

He dusted and vacuumed and Armor-All'd the interior.

He cleaned the windows - inside AND out.

He polished up the rims and put tire shine on the tires.

He even put the spare tire back into its compartment the way that God and GM intended.

It made the 'chick a little swoony.

Men - want to impress your girlfriend who has to do all of her own car maintenance? Follow Redneck's lead. You might be surprised at how well the car detailing business pays.



Susan said...

I need to find a guy like him. My car is filthy.

mist1 said...

My car is dirtier on the inside than it is on the outside.

heather said...

my car is fairly clean, thanks to me.

i think that's what i'll tell j i want for christmas this year. i don't mind cleaning the car when it's nice out but i hate doing it when it's cold.

Liz said...

I love this man. Does he have a brother?

Killer said...

I am taking notes.

Autrice DelDrago said...

Awwwwwwwww what a sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I borrow him for a day? My car needs cleaning.

briliantdonkey said...

Let's see.....cleans out your car........has eight other women wanting him to do the same...

YEP seems to have worked out quite well for him.

Seriously though, Is this like some sort of public service announcement? I smell a female conspiracy here I think.