Thursday, July 05, 2007

Down At The Station

It's hard to top Mist's post about her 4th of July, but after a series of emails, the 'chick has decided to tell the tale of how she spent the Glorious 4th.

Because Redneck has connections, he was able to park behind the bus station in Nashville. In the restricted lot. Unauthorized cars will be towed at the owner's expense. Redneck, Roadchick, and Best Friend got out and headed inside the station for beverages.

After hitting the gift shop, everyone headed to the snack bar for their beverage of choice. The bus station has a Slush Puppy machine so the 'chick got a cherry slush and spiked it with the vodka she had tucked in her purse for just this sort of emergency.

After settling comfortably in the back of someone's pickup truck (whose was it? we don't know) the festivities could begin. Lots of new friends were made as they waited for their buses to come in from all over America. Friends were lost as they boarded their buses and headed to their Final Destinations.

Best Friend made a special friend. A rather strange man offered to pay her to poop in a bag for him. She declined his offer and told him she was constipated.

Sitting in the restricted lot offers other amusements too. The security guards were busy watching the lot and calling tow trucks to come get the cars that were not authorized to be there. As time went by and the slush level dipped lower, Roadchick and Best Friend decided to help the guards out by pointing out the offending vehicles. After all, how dare they park in OUR lot? The flashing lights of the tow trucks competed with the fireworks that lit up the Nashville skyline.

This 4th of July rates as one of the oddest ones that the 'chick has ever spent. It made the 'chick sorry that she had touched up her roots earlier in the day - she would've blended in much better if she had left them alone.

And how was YOUR 4th of July???


Killer said...

Enjoying fireworks from an illicit parking spot behind a Greyhound station could be the perfect redneck 4th of July. Slushy and Vodka only makes it better.

Having someone pay her to poop in a bag could have been easy money for your friend.

mist1 said...

How much does pooping in a bag go for nowadays?

heather said...

i wanna know too. could come in handy around christmas.

Roadchick said...

Killer~ The 'chick has been learning to embrace her inner redneck. Best Friend however, has not embraced her inner poop artist.

Mist~ The offer was $5 - hardly enough for slushy refills for the evening.

Heather~ Unless you're especially prolific, there's not much profit in it. Of course, there's always the fame angle.

heather said...

well i was thinking there's this chinese place in town that always has, shall we say, an adverse reaction with my intestinal system. lol

Kim G. said...

Traditions have to start somewhere, right? Maybe next year the Greyhound folks will make you official "Parking Quality Control Specialists" and there will be a badge of some sort in the deal . . .