Thursday, August 10, 2006

If There Is a Skull in Your Basement

. . . You might just be a redneck.

Just when the 'chick was despairing, endless TMI tapes playing in her head, she was given a Gift.

What Gift? The Gift of this Story, entirely true, and playing out as the 'chick types:

One of Roadchick's co-workers went home to let her dog out before going to lunch. When she got to her house, there were forty-eleven police cars all around her house. She approached cautiously to see what was going on.

The A/C at her house had not been working. (Yes, Patient Reader, Roadchick visited her last week, don't even go there.) The nice man from the A/C place came over to fix it. There was ductwork out of place in the basement so he was down there, doing whatever one does to misplaced ductwork to make it all better. In the process of doing this, he set his roll of tape on top of a box. The tape fell into the box and somehow the whole thing fell over.

Mr. A/C Man opens up the box to get his tape back and grinning up at him is. . .

a skull.

Naturally, he didn't much like that. He called the police who sent out forty-eleven cars.

While all of this was going on, Roadchick's co-worker appeared and was asked questions. As it turns out, the skull is not new. Oh no. Not new at all. She called the landlord and he was able to shed a little light on the subject. It seems that his father used to be the coroner and the house had belonged to him., the 'chick is thinking that it's starting to sound like an explanation, but what she isn't understanding is. . . since when do coroners keep souvenirs???

Updates will follow as more information becomes available!


Michelle said...

I love this story! WOW! I also like your forty-eleven police cars...made me laugh.